Spirit Guide

This Beast is very, very special. It isn't that not all Beasts are special, they are. However, this particular beast showed up in a deep mediation that I did.

In my imagination, I'd traveled deep underground and found myself in room lit by a huge, raging fire! The walls were made of brown earth, and the fire cast flickering deep and dark shadows. 

Although the room as warm and no one else seemed to be about the place, I was had the sense that someone /thing was nearby in those deep and dark shadows, scuttling around on many legs! Yikes!

But then, by my side appeared this Beast, and it was not a scary thing...it was actually worried about me! Suddenly, I felt such camaraderie from this soft and furry creature. It followed right by my side  throughout the rest of my adventure in my imagination! 

Such a good, caring Beast!


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