A French Beast Goes Painting En Plein Air!

Georges Bête has been impatient to get OUTSIDE!

This winter seemed to go on and on, so the newly green grass and budding apple trees are a welcome sight.

So, on a sunny Saturday, we packed up a picnic and all of his art supplies and tromped out into the orchard. 

There was a Balkan music and dance festival at the orchard, to wake up the trees!

We all went. Georges, Mystic Beast, Knut and Ole! It took Georges a while to find a good spot to set up his easel and paints, but finally settled in. 

While he began, Ole and Knut ran around setting up sound for the Balkan singers, and Mystic Beast enjoyed walking through the tall grass. 

Ole and Knut offer their support, as Georges analyzes his subject.

But what's this?

"Mon, dieu! Il y a une araignée sur ma palette! Bonjour, mon ami!"

Using watercolors, Georges quickly sketched out the landscape. He said that he felt satisfied with his first outdoor painting of the year. "C'est bon d'exercer!", he says. 

But exercise is tiring, so now it is time to stretch out on the blanket, eat yummy picnic food and enjoy deep conversation. 

Mystic Beast joins in. 

It was a lovely day!


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