Mischief and a cat.

Dear Diary,

As you know, I am constantly on the look out for a potentially mischievous adventure and those who share this particular interest. Diary, I am very happy to write that I have met someone new. Someone who is a kindred spirit and likes me for who I am.

This is Louise. Isn't she great?

She was interested the first moment she saw me.

I wanted to get to know her better to see if she was as mischievous as I was. I've known a lot of cats in my time, and they are as different as all the stars in the sky. Would Louise be my Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?

Ohhh...be still my heart! Do I see mischief in her lovely eyes?

Oop! Oh yeah! I am in LOVE!

Two peas in a pod. Sigh....


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