Whimsy Sighted in Conservatory!


"Although the conservatory at Longwood Gardens has been inhabited by an amazing array of plant beings, and although there have been cases of visitors catching a glimpse of “something” bright and sparkly out of the corner of their eye or swearing to have heard quiet, chattering voices, only to quickly look and see nothing, …no one should be alarmed!"

"This image of, of… a Beast trampling through the Old Man Cactus is a hoax! No such thing has ever occurred and never will!"

"The conservatory has an extensive and expensive security system to keep out such potential trespassers such as brownies, hobs and the like."

"Whoever took this picture and captured this “being” among the cacti should be embarrassed at having put it up in the internet."


  1. I love that wooden sculpture piece. Does it really have drawers that open? Cool. Is it for sale as well.

  2. Why thank you!

    Yea that piece is made of wood, and yes the doors and drawers do open to reveal paintings on the inside. This piece has been sold, actually years ago. Sadly, I don't have the space to create pieces in wood at this time. But in time.....


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