Traveling Dollmaker

What was I thinking of opening my Etsy doll shop just as I decided to uproot my entire life? No time to waste, I guess.

One of the wonderful aspects of Paperclay© is how versatile and portable it is. With a little water, a napkin and some kind of cutting or shaping tool, you’re good to go.  Paperclay© is a self hardening clay, so you don’t need a kiln, just the sun.

So, I began my most recent series of Bell dolls in July, when it was sunny and hot.  I carried all of my supplies in two canvas bags, and would seek out any appropriate spot to sculpt and paint. This included driving to Carpenter’s Falls, NY, and working out of the back of my car.

A friend invited me to housesit with her and another friend at a lovely house in Colchester, VT. This place was right on Lake Champlain looking over to the Adirondacks! Oh, it was lovely, and the view ended up being painted on a doll that will be included in my shop.  It was so lovely outside, that I decided to set up right under a tree in the yard.

Here’s a picture of the “party girls” as torsos are being added to their bell shaped gowns.

Back to NYS, I, dog, cat and house sat for a different friend, and worked in her brightly lit, enclosed porch. The dolls began to take shape. They look really cool at this stage.

My travels took me to Stone Ridge, NY to stay with a friend who happens to have a lovely porch. Shade is hard to come by, so I fashioned a tent…kind of.

What would the dolls think as they are coming to life while traveling from place to place? Wouldn’t it be a great children’s story? Ah, more to do…


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