Frog Sculpture

This sculpture is called, Honor to the Frog.

Many years ago, I had been a member of the 171 Cedar Arts Center in Corning, NY. At that time, I enjoyed using the ceramic studio and that was when I'd made this frog head. I happened upon a wonderful glaze that was brown with mottled blue / green spots. I thought that would be perfect for a frog. Gratefully another artist was in the ceramic studio at that time. She told me to apply the gaze heavily in order to get that effect. I would not have known! So, the chin and underneath is a light glaze while the rest was applied thickly. 

It had always been my intention to put in glass frog eyes, and I'd recently taken a porcelain doll making workshop where we learned how to affix eyes into doll heads. Unfortunately, there had been a slight bump in the ceramic frog, which kept the glass eye from sitting in the socket correctly. I very nervously used an electric sander to smooth it down. I was afraid that it would break the piece!

The oil painting on the base illustrates the transformation of tadpole to mature frog.

The base and feet are made of wood, and the underside is covered with copper foil. The foil will change color over the years, which somehow seems very frog like.

Size: 6'' x 3'' x 5.5''


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