The Beastly Day

What happens to artwork when it leaves the studio?

I try not think about it too much. I feel that I send these pieces out into the world to have their own Adventures. And what do you know? Strange things do happen...

I have been enjoying the photography and writing of Kojito, who has invited several Beasts and Dolls into his life and has created a blog about them. Apparently, they have a tremendous amount of fun together and capture some of their good times to be posted on the blog that is called: The Beastly Day.

Watching someone interpret and create their own world with my artwork is such a joy! I hope you enjoy them too!

The Beastly Day                                                                                  



  1. These Beasts and Beings are wonderful companions. They teach me so much--I'm very grateful They have chosen to stay with us! : )


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