New Dolls!

This doll is special in that it has a secret door in the back! Now, if you look to the left hand column on the blog you will see one of the White Cat Series. As you can see that doll opens, and most of my artwork has something like this attribute. When I started my doll shop I decided to make simpler dolls for a while. I have returned to the doors.

This piece was inspired by a train trip I took from Seattle to NYS. It took three days. I would sleep, and wake to find myself barreling through a new landscape. I think I might have been in North Dakota when I saw these amazing hills. There were many of them, rolling but they were steep! Very different from what I'm used to. They made an impact.

This is a dwarf.

Note his braided hair.

He is very proud, and smirks at you with his glittering green eyes. With a super red cap and red boots, he is decked out in his finely embroidered jacket. Is he ready for a special occasion? Perhaps to visit you...? 


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