Gallery Show

As a member of The Arts Center of the Capital Region I am able to enter a couple pieces into their Salon show. It's called the Fence Salon.

I entered a large oil painting, and then wondered which doll I might enter. Who would it be? I didn't know, so I created a poll on my Facebook page with three different dolls. And....

The Country Mouse won!

She will be in the show.

But how will she be shown in the gallery? She is so small that she would get lost in a huge gallery space. Hmmm. Ah, an idea! I went off to a corporate, box store called Hobby Lobby to see if they had a wall hanging, a sconce that the gallery could hang, and she could sit upon. That way she will be easily seen.

Well, I knew before I walked in the door, that it would be a disturbing experience. For those of you who don't know, this store does offer materials to use for hobbies, but they also sell a whole lot of machine made stuff for home decor. Stuff, stuff, stuff....all made by machines. What you see in one store, you'd find in every Hobby Lobby across the USA. And the store was full of people buying this me....ugh.

If I had a workshop, I would have made my own sconce. Alas....someday. I dropped The Country Mouse off along with the painting, and the opening is June 24th. I'll let you know how it goes.


Another Beast has left the nest! Burlie, the Trestle Troll, has gone off on an adventure of his own.


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