Whimsy Beast

Whimsy is a gentle and winsome Beast.

She was created about the same time as the Trestle Troll Beast. Here she is biding her time on the studio windowsill. With this Beast, I wanted to create more of a gesture. I imagined a creature in the process of leaning forward, with her nose...reaching out to engage with life....

...and how strongly that gesture affects Whimsy!

She is constantly distracted by the loveliness of nature! She is a flower sniffer of the highest order. Overcome by the dazzling sights, sounds and smells a garden or forest, Whimsy can be found wandering about with her nose in the air, sniffing and sighing.

I recently went to a May Day fundrasier for theCenter for Symbolic Studies in Tillson, NY and I brought Whimsy along, as I thought she would enjoy the Spring flowers and woods. As we walked amongst the trees, we came to a funny little house. Whimsy Loved it! She would fit in very well there, don't you think?

She and the Advisor are great friends. Their gentleness and appreciation for beauty connect them. Sometimes, she even gives advice on the Advisor's Facebook Fan page....The Advisor

She is a great companion to gardeners, too and those who wish they had a bit of earth to plant. As you can imagine, she is a great singer, too.


  1. I'd like to go on a walk with Whimsy. Seems like we have a lot of appreciation and whimsy in common. Lovely!


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