The Studio

 In some of my first posts, I wrote about where I was creating my latest work. Sometimes it was out of the back of my car, sometimes it was on a friend's back porch, lately I have managed to find a wee spot in my current living situation for a studio.

One cold Friday evening after work, I smooshed down into this space, and leaned against the radiator, and sculpted. I was so very toasty and happy! That was when I knew, this was the space.

The light from the winodw is fantasic, and I enjoy watching the neighbors cats hang around outside while I work. Sometimes I knock on the window, and they look up, eyes wide, and stare! I wonder what they see? Me? Or the light reflected on the glass.

You will have to excuse me for including this video. Yes, it was taken in winter, but it tells the story of this artist's' life. Soup, sculpture and snow.


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