The First Beast

What do you do with the last remaining pieces of molded paperclay that are really too small to make a doll out of? You put them together to make a Beast. This one, I've named Friend. It is a boy or girl? That's up to you, but I do know that this one is a really great listener, and cares very much whatever you have to say.

Actually, this piece started out as a doodle on paper. Every once in a while I find a doodle is quite a remarkable drawing or sketch of something that may become wonderful. Here is the drawing that started it all.
The other thing that I really like about this piece is that it resembles a Pangolin. The first time I ever saw a Pangolin was while I was watching a DVD called The Life of Mammals with David Attenborough (whom I admire greatly), and I couldn't believe my eyes! The Pangolin they filmed walked on it's hind legs all hunched over with it's upper arms folded to it's chest! Amazing! If you get a chance, watch it. You won't be let down.

I'm expecting other Beasts to follow this one. Like this one, and other strange creatures...!


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