Here she is...

Well, for the most part, the dolls that I started this summer are done and awaiting new homes on my Etsy doll shop.

This one is named Lady of the Lake, and on her smock is a direct landscape painting of the view from the house I visited on Lake Champlain. In the post I wrote in September, you can see the dolls in their raw form, unpainted and without limbs. You can note the blue sheet that I used to sit on and the tree I sat under.

Here is the same scene, but instead of dolls, there is an open book and an apple under the tree. This lady is a gardener, and she's wearing her gardening clogs and a pair of jeans. She sings as she gardens, and out of her mouth comes the sun, thunderstorms, rainbows, rain, snow and wind which all swirl around her head.

It is good that most of these dolls are completed, because I do have other things I need to attend to. Hopefully I'll get back to dollmaking sooner than later.

I'll let you know.


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