January 28, 2016

Spirit Guide

This Beast is very, very special. It isn't that not all Beasts are special, they are. However, this particular beast showed up in a deep mediation that I did.

In my imagination, I'd traveled deep underground and found myself in room lit by a huge, raging fire! The walls were made of brown earth, and the fire cast flickering deep and dark shadows. 

Although the room as warm and no one else seemed to be about the place, I was had the sense that someone /thing was nearby in those deep and dark shadows, scuttling around on many legs! Yikes!

But then, by my side appeared this Beast, and it was not a scary thing...it was actually worried about me! Suddenly, I felt such camaraderie from this soft and furry creature. It followed right by my side  throughout the rest of my adventure in my imagination! 

Such a good, caring Beast!

January 23, 2016

My admiration for Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington

Personage, 1958
Oil on masonite
Copyright © Walter Gruen
I have used this image without permission and will take it down if anyone objects to me using it. 

I first happened upon the artwork of Remedios Varo while I was working a temporary job at the Cornell University Book Store. It was the textbook rush for incoming students, and I assisted in organizing the books. In doing so, I saw an image on the cover of a psychology textbook that I found very intriguing. Sometimes, but not always,  the title of artwork and the artist are listed on the title page. I was in luck. "Remedios Varo". 

Who was she?

Luckily, a biography had recently been published: Remedios Varo: Unexpected Journeys

What a life...born in Spain, exiled to France...exiled to Mexico! My goodness!

As I cannot surmise the whole story of her life here, I will simply state what I admired  about her. She worked. She worked jobs so that she could to keep herself and her friends flush. That may sound simple or obvious, but it is not. Having to spend great amounts of energy and time on projects other than your own artistic vision is painful and soul deadening. 

She was great friends with the amazing artist, Leonora Carrington,  and they certainly did influence each other. Some of their work has great similarities, but I feel that Remedios, over time, discovered her true voice. Here is a Wiki-Art Page that lists some of her work, but I think that a basic Google Image search will bring you some of her most consistant work and the images that she went to again and again in various ways to create her world.

I love the creatures that she brought to life!

January 19, 2016

Beebs Beast

Is this a Yeti? It certainly does enjoy being out in the snow, but regardless of it's exact designation, it is a Beast. 

It is an interesting thing to live in an older building that many other people have lived in over the years. Sometime ago, someone thought that it'd be a great idea to stick florescent star stickers all over the ceiling. Sometime after that someone else thought that that was a terrible idea, but instead of scraping them off, they simply painted over those stickers. 

Therefore, there are now tiny bumps that exist next to the cracks in the ceiling, and my goodness, don't those stars look like eyes, and the cracks look like smiles. This is where this Beast came from: a ceiling. 

January 4, 2016


Sometimes, an idea for a piece does not come to fruition, but the parts remain on the workbench. They often unwittingly become something else than originally intended. 

Such is the case for these two. Quite simply and quietly, these Beasts came together.

It happened so naturally, you might think that it was how they were intended to be from the start.