December 14, 2015

Yes, a Musketeer Beast

Alright, I will admit to a tremendous influence by the BBC television show, The Musketeers when creating this Beast. 

Actually, the horns and tusks were already there.

 Adding very large and worn out boots and a coat with many buttons, came later, after particularly close viewing of the costuming on the television show.

I think that the effect came across very well. 

Hey- HO!

December 2, 2015

Beastly Princess

I have seen some absolutely beautiful artwork made from paper. It was a goal of mine to incorporate paper with the Beasts. I took three basic beast bell shapes and added a torso and head, which was different from the other beasts. 

In doing so, the bell body shape became the bell shape of a ball gown or party dress. To this, I added paper that I had dyed and painted. It makes a lovely fabric-like, and also flower petal effect. 

I also used rice paper to create a crinoline feeling. 

This Beast is a sweet, sweet beast, who loves gaiety and splendor and joy. 

November 23, 2015

What lies beneath...

Beasts from all cultures, all over the world wear and perform in masks. Masks are used to tell stories, to create characters, to bring the spirits into a group or community.

This Beast wears masks. A branch of an apple tree, covered with blossoms. What does that mask say to you?

Look at that expression! Who is this foxy fellow!  Up to no good, I'll bet. But perhaps that is just the misbehavior that we all need on occasion. 

But who is that under the mask?

This one. 

Who is to say what color and vibrancy exists within any soul? Sometimes, it shows up in the performances we play...with our masks!

November 1, 2015

Stove Beast

The stove in my current apartment has a very sweet face. You could say, that it is beastly. My stove looks a bit like this:

However, when this Beast opens its mouth, you find this:

It's true, often Beasts find themselves in symbiotic relationships. Like many other Beings, this Beast has a "helper Beast" that lives in it's mouth. How it's helping... that, I don't know.

Some Beasts have tails. I have found that to be a bit rare in those who come from the Emerald Isle. 

October 29, 2015

Massive dragons and spider puppets

Le Cheval-Dragon is an enormous puppet created by The Machine.

This puppet and a huge spider puppet performed in China! 

On La Machine's website it reads: "Spectacle original créé par François Delarozière et la compagnie la Machine pour célébrer le 50ème anniversaire des relations diplomatiques entre la France et la Chine au Parc Olympique de Pékin."

Which in English reads: "Original show created by François Delarozière and enterprise Machine to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China in Beijing Olympic Park."

Although I do so love puppets as art objects, it's really something special to see them in action, take a look see here:

There is something about this video that makes me shiver. Perhaps it is seeing a dragon run amidst a large group of people. I throughly enjoy seeing the dragon run, and the people run beside a river flowing. I also love seeing people reaching out to touch the puppet. I would do that too, but it's such a human thing to do. 

I can easily imagine walking through the woods at some sort of festival and coming upon this dragon...and being totally freaked out! 

But in a good way.

October 3, 2015

Achiever Dude

This is a Beast and I love it. (I leave the determination of gender to whomever chooses a particular Beast...for the most part.) Achiever Dude is stepping slightly into the future, head held high, raring to go.

Things to DO! Places to GO! With amazingly good humor and zest, this dude is solid.

Its hands were a revelation. They work miraculously well, by golly!

July 19, 2015

50 Beast Project!

It has taken a couple years, but I can now honestly say that the 50 Beast Project is almost completed!

What with working full time and the day to day that we all must do, it has been slow going. Some Beasts came along easily while others took their time.

Now comes the task of looking for a gallery or show (party) for the Beasts to meet you. I am also working on creating a hardcover book of the Beasts. I will post here with more information as it occurs!

To see the official Beast Website go to: THIS SITE!

February 10, 2015

Contest Winner!

I rarely enter contests, but after my excitement over sending a piece to the Dark Crystal Creature Creation Contest, I feel more inclined to do so. So, when I went to Manny's Art Supply, and I saw that they were having a Christmas ornament decorating contest, I decided to join in.

They had a display of pre-made, basic ornament shapes that you purchased, and then decorated. I chose a round ball as that could turn into just about anything. 

Initially, I thought of making a Jack Frost, and if I did make him, it'd be blue and white. Then I figured that that was expected...obvious. So I thought about making a sun to note the solstice and the beginning of longer days. The sun is not blue and's golds and browns and reds!

I dropped it off and I am happy to say that I won first place! I got a great gift certificate...which has been spent already. Thank you to Manny's and all of those people who voted for my ornament!

January 27, 2015

First Felting Experiment

I had never felted before, and had wanted to give it a try for quite some time now. I went to the Dutchess County Wool and Sheep Festival and quickly found some brightly dyed wool and then searched for felting tools. 

My first attempt was a tiny ball, like a marble. It was fun and easy, and somewhat meditative. In my artistic visions, I see myself making felted flowers. I gave that a try. That's not so easy! I will have to practice. 

The Beast holding the "marble" is named Nole. I have created a new website just for Beasts: Beastly Home. As I finish my personal challenge of making 50 Beasts, I will post about them there.