This piece is called Acquiesce.

This piece is made of wood and paperclay. It is painted with oils. The front shows a waterfall and ravine with a spirit at the top of the waterfall.

The back of the piece shows an image of myself turning away from the viewer to enter a darkened forest on the night of a full moon. The top of the piece shows the surface of a lake with mountians in the distance.

This is a detail of the front of the piece, where there is a door and a drawer.

On the interior of the door it reads, "she belongs to me". 

In the interior of the piece there is a self-portrait. This is an image of myself walking through the woods on a snowy day and being fascinated by the movement of water in a stream.

The drawer pulls out to show a cave underground treasure.

The bottom of the piece shows a self-portrait. I am more than willing to sink into the earth, to dream, to acquiesce to the Muse.

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