April 27, 2016

Where are they now?

After the 50 Beast Show, just about all of the beasts had met people they liked and had decided to move in with them. (Beasts are very fond, intrigued and beguiled by people.) There were many situations where beasts went off in groups to live together. 

As it turns out, Hap, The Beebs, Red Rock Beast and Yule Beast all went to Rhode Island. Not too long ago, I was so very happy to receive some photos of the crew in their new digs!

Yule Beast decided that it was truly Tea Cup Beast and in this picture you can see that it was getting dressed up because it was going to be presented (as a present) to a new person.

I think that this picture is so charming! The Beebs is quite taken with itself, staring fixedly at its...coiffure?... while Hap looks on laughing and giggling helplessly.

Then suddenly, a new beastly personage appears in the group! It looks particularly intelligent. 

Apparently, there is a political debate going on. Perhaps the beasts are being influenced by all of the political talk the people around them are constantly discussing...?

Lots to say!



After this post was written, 
I received notice that the Beasts were 
indeed, gearing up for a very special rally! 

April 25, 2016

Trip to visit Toothy Beast

Recently Georges Bête and I took a trip to Maryland to visit friends and family. Toothy Beast now lives with these folks, and so our two Beastly friends had a chance to catch up and go on an adventure. 

The Beasts went to an Art Museum. 

Here they are in front of a sculpture not too unlike The Cloud Gate by 
Anish Kapoor.

This was taken in an Art Deco wing of the museum which was particularly shiny. 

The unusual organic piece in the background certainly brings about some contrast to the sharp geometric shapes.

Then we went out into the gardens. There were a number of outdoor sculptures situated around a lovely pond. 

These amazing wooden pieces were sculpted by a collective of artists called, The Beavers.

This was a more recent installation. Both Toothy and Georges thought that The Beavers were incredibly skilled in their art and were to be commended.

 They hope that their work will be appreciated for the High Art that it is. 

 BUT THEN, there was an accident! Georges took a wrong step and....





I reached out to grab him, but he still went under up to the tops of his boots. Those boots have walked many a mile and traveled upon a few adventures. 

So, this was nothing but a refreshing dip in water for this study footwear! They dried up and are ready for more!

Georges said, "Oui, il est bon d'être avec des amis et un bon art. Uuhh...it eez good for a beastie soul to be surrounded by Art."

April 20, 2016

Ole and Knut

Ole and Knut are solid friends with the artist and great pretender, Georges Bête.
They all live in Paris. 

Ole and Knut are always seen rushing about together, tremendously focused on some errand, work or indistinct purpose. Their full Viking garb is their everyday wear, but on rare occasions they will attend certain events "dressed down" but with a noticeable modern Viking flair. They are recognized all over the city, and known to each and every one who lives their neighborhood as being good guys.

Neither of them have actually been to Norway.

They just like it.

April 18, 2016

Culture Creatives

This is a picture of Georges Bête with a couple of his pals,

Ole (pronounced "oooo-LA") and Knut (pronounced "ck-NEWT"). 

Their actual names are not Ole and Knut, but those Norwegian names are the ones they prefer to be called in every day usage. Georges has no idea what their actual names are. 

Ole and Knut also live in Paris, and they are tremendously fond of Vikings and Norway in general. They can always be seen with their Viking helmets, spears and shields. 

Now, Ole and Knut are perfectly aware that Vikings had feathers on either side of their helmets rather than horns (as they are mostly pictured with these days) but they really, really like these hats, so they are going to stick with them. 

Georges explained to me that he enjoys their company because they are so very willing to follow their imaginations and passions, as Georges too, enjoys pretending to be from other eras in history. 

Occasionally, they like to photograph themselves in Georges's studio with some of his objects of curiosity and then photoshop the images to look old and historic. Knut is standing on a treasure chest that Georges has kicking around, just in case he needs to play pirate. 

Ole and Knut standing next to some of the Viking loot they "raided" in one of their excursions. 

They take their cosplay* very seriously!

* cosplay
the art or practice of wearing costumes to portray characters from fiction, 
especiallly from manga, animation, and science fiction.
a skit featuring these costumed characters.

April 12, 2016

Additions to the family

We have new friends living in the studio.

Georges has a particular affection for flora and fauna, and he uses their shapes and colors in his paintings,

while I am particular to succulents as they grow in such amazing shapes!

This one looks like coral or a being from another planet!

When I water some of them, the drops linger in the petals and look like jewels.

Ah, the Earth is overwhelmingly beautiful in all of its shapes and grand variety.

One morning we woke up to find...an unexpected flower!

Georges is overjoyed and can't wait to paint their portraits.