December 14, 2015

Yes, a Musketeer Beast

Alright, I will admit to a tremendous influence by the BBC television show, The Musketeers when creating this Beast. 

Actually, the horns and tusks were already there.

 Adding very large and worn out boots and a coat with many buttons, came later, after particularly close viewing of the costuming on the television show.

I think that the effect came across very well. 

Hey- HO!

December 2, 2015

Beastly Princess

I have seen some absolutely beautiful artwork made from paper. It was a goal of mine to incorporate paper with the Beasts. I took three basic beast bell shapes and added a torso and head, which was different from the other beasts. 

In doing so, the bell body shape became the bell shape of a ball gown or party dress. To this, I added paper that I had dyed and painted. It makes a lovely fabric-like, and also flower petal effect. 

I also used rice paper to create a crinoline feeling. 

This Beast is a sweet, sweet beast, who loves gaiety and splendor and joy.