April 25, 2011

New Doll!

Here is my latest creation. I call her Summer Girl. I was originally thinking of making a Springtime Girl, but when she was finished, Summer sprang to mind and would not leave...so there you have it.

She is ready for the warm weather! Actually, she is barefoot, with purple painted toenails.

Here she is with The Beast named, Friend. I had placed her on a shelf, with all of the other dolls I have completed, and she just happened to be next to Friend, and he looked like he was looking over her shoulder!

It was so cute, and they seemed so very happy together that I decided to include Friend in Summer Girl's photo shoot, so he is included in my Etsy dollshop pictures for her. 

But now that I think of it, she is a very friendly doll, because on a different occasion upon the doll shelf, I saw her practically arm in arm with The Country Mouse! They get on famously too.

Yea! Summer Girl!

April 18, 2011

The Studio

 In some of my first posts, I wrote about where I was creating my latest work. Sometimes it was out of the back of my car, sometimes it was on a friend's back porch, lately I have managed to find a wee spot in my current living situation for a studio.

One cold Friday evening after work, I smooshed down into this space, and leaned against the radiator, and sculpted. I was so very toasty and happy! That was when I knew, this was the space.

The light from the winodw is fantasic, and I enjoy watching the neighbors cats hang around outside while I work. Sometimes I knock on the window, and they look up, eyes wide, and stare! I wonder what they see? Me? Or the light reflected on the glass.

You will have to excuse me for including this video. Yes, it was taken in winter, but it tells the story of this artist's' life. Soup, sculpture and snow.

April 7, 2011

The Advisor goes public!

Something really amazing has happened!

Randy Parmer, who purchased a Beastie doll, The Advisor, contacted me with the suggestion that we co-create a Facebook fan page for it. In this way it will be able to advise anyone on any question they may have. What a great idea! So, in no time at all we have a new Facebook page all set up and ready to go. As a member of the The Right Honorable Society of Beastly Helpers, The Advisor is thrilled to be able to extend it's assistance to the entire world!

Please feel free to check it out! Click here!

In it's biography, The Advisor writes, "From a very
early age, I found myself drawn to people, I know not why. Perhaps it was their capacity for such deep expression - both joy and sorrow. It has been my path, nay my calling, to advise people to the best of my ability to bring them happiness". 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the Advisor...it would make it very happy, indeed.

Future ideas include other Beasts being interviewed by The Advisor, and / or asking it for advice. Sometimes it's hard for Beasts...dealing with humans can be a confusing past time.