November 23, 2015

What lies beneath...

Beasts from all cultures, all over the world wear and perform in masks. Masks are used to tell stories, to create characters, to bring the spirits into a group or community.

This Beast wears masks. A branch of an apple tree, covered with blossoms. What does that mask say to you?

Look at that expression! Who is this foxy fellow!  Up to no good, I'll bet. But perhaps that is just the misbehavior that we all need on occasion. 

But who is that under the mask?

This one. 

Who is to say what color and vibrancy exists within any soul? Sometimes, it shows up in the performances we play...with our masks!

November 1, 2015

Stove Beast

The stove in my current apartment has a very sweet face. You could say, that it is beastly. My stove looks a bit like this:

However, when this Beast opens its mouth, you find this:

It's true, often Beasts find themselves in symbiotic relationships. Like many other Beings, this Beast has a "helper Beast" that lives in it's mouth. How it's helping... that, I don't know.

Some Beasts have tails. I have found that to be a bit rare in those who come from the Emerald Isle.