February 7, 2013


How lovely is embroidery? I have admired this art for many, many years, but never tried it out myself. Well, the Art Riot in Kingston, NY

held a 7 Stitch Basic Emboidery class, which I attended. It was a wonderful class, fun participants and a great teacher. The time flew!

I have had ideas bouncing around my mind for years now (dolls, etc.) which would require embroidery, and now I feel up to the task!

My first attempt.


January 27, 2013

Gnome King

No one could be more surprised than me on the apperance of this new doll, The Gnome King. He first began visiting in earlyJune of 2012, when the weather was becoming warm enough to create outdoors.

Like all of these creations, he began as PaperClay white, and remained so for many months, until...
tissue paper became a new and fun medium!
Bright and colorful!
 And here it is, the Winter months, and this riot of color took over. My, my, I rarely know what these creatures will turn out to be.
This Gnome King likes to do yoga, too. Go figure!