New Beast, New Experiments

This is a new Beast.

I am going to try and paint this Beast without using acrylic paint. I'll need to seal the porous Creative Paperclay™ form before I add color. How to go about doing that?

Online, I researched how to make gesso, and I noticed a strange thing. A lot of the contemporary recipes that I found include using white glue. These days, white glue is made of PVA or Polyvinyl Alcohol which is a synthetic polymer and is not biodegradable. Before plastics, glue was made from animal parts; that's why the Elmer's glue logo is of a cow. 

Searching "traditional"gesso, I came across the rabbit skin glue gesso recipes. The rabbit skin glue is what sealed the porous painting surface so paint would flow instead of being absorbed. White chalk or marble dust could be added to the glue to whiten (whitening) the surface which would help to create luminous colors. 

Well, what if I used a different, natural glue? I researched home made glues. I found this site that had several options which sound really awesome,  (remember that gelatin is also an animal based product) and I was about to go to the grocery store to get myself some ingredients, when I decided to do another search for "plant based glue". 

I came up with this:

Here's a link to their site. I think that this glue will seal this beast very well, and it can also be used to make that super popular slime.

Since the Creative Paperclayis a nice base color, I don't know if I need to add chalk or marble dust to the glue. We'll see about that. 

I will keep you informed on how this works out!


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