February 20, 2016

50 Beast Show! Resounding Success!

It just happened to be the coldest day during an unusually warm winter, and yet!...people braved the freezing cold and wind to attend the Beast Show...and I thank them!

I am overwhelmed and grateful for all who helped to make this day great and for family friends who traveled far to share this experience with me. 

The Beasts were in fine form that day and chose the people that they wanted to go home with carefully.

There were a few people who saw the sign on the street for the show and were intrigued enough to stop in and take home a Beast.

Some friends and family who were not able to make it, called in to claim their Beasts. 

Jessica was an amazing help in so many ways, and she took over sales for the entire day. 

Food was provided....and eaten!

Other items were for sale or on display such as embroideries and printed posts from The Beastly Day

Some of the very first Beasts joined in the activites of the day. Here, Burlie is bringing snacks to Friend and Paradoxy.

Thank you to Laura B for making sure that all the Beasts were appropriately wrapped and tucked away in bags as they left to begin new adventures out in the world!

It was a wonderful, beastly day.

Thank you for taking pictures at the event, Douglas Branson!

February 19, 2016

There is a Beast Book!

As a part of the 50 Beast Show, I created a book with 47 images of various beasts. Some of the beasts  included in the book were the original pieces, but most were new and a part of the 50 Beast Project.  

February 10, 2016

Beast Show this Weekend!

These Beasts and more will be hanging out at the Creative Co-op this weekend! (MAP)

This is Mischief.

This Beast is a part of the Party Crew!

Mom Beast will be there with her babes...

The dignified, yet a bit psychedelic, caterpillar Beast will be attending the soiree!

Hope to see you there!

To see all of the Beasts who will be there, and discover prices, please click THIS LINK!

and for even more information please email: jennifer.d.russell@gmail.com

February 8, 2016

Various Items at Show

With my growing interest in embroydery, I have practised my stitchery with images of Beasts. I will have a small number of these pieces for sale at the 50 Beast Show, February 13th at the Creative Co-op in Rosendale, NY (1-7 pm...MAP) as well as paintings and lots and lots of photos of the Beasts. 


Here is an example of Burlie Beast looking at the embroydery that I gave to him and his family for the Holidays. This photo was taken by Kojito Ergoamo who shares stories about Beasts on the blog site: the Beastly Day

February 4, 2016

Beasts Prepare for Party!

Saturday, February 13th from 1-7 pm, at the Creative Co-op in Rosendale, NY (MAP).

The Beasts are gearing up for their event! The Beasts who live in the area have invited a HUGE group of their friends from all over the world to join them...us. It will be a blast!

Won't you join in? Hey, there just might be a Beast who takes a shine to you, and from experience, I can say that they will make your life a bit more joyous!

A handful of Beasts are pictured here with the lovely and talented Laurie Siegel.

To see all of the Beasts who will be at the show, and discover prices, please click THIS LINK!

February 1, 2016

50 Beast Party and Show!

The time has come! The location has been found! The Beasts are ready to Party!

The Creative Co-op in Rosendale (MAP) is a cozy spot set back from the main road. It sits behind the Big Cheese shop (which is right on the Main St.). It would be easiest to park in the main Municipal Parking lot behind the Rosendale Movie Theater, and walk around the back of the Co-op to the entrance.

The Beasts have posed for a lot of fantastic photographs, and many of those will be for sale, too as well as....a BOOK! Yes, a hardcover book! Gleeee!