July 8, 2012

Birthday Bash!

The day was hot, the trees full of green leaves, a breeze was gently blowing, and Jim put up the tent.  Inside the house, Jen was cooking up healthy and delicious yummies to eat. Under the tent was a table filled with crafting materials! Ah, what potential! We all waited for the friends to arrive.

And they did!

Many wonderful things were made. I have to say, the pom-poms and sparkly pipe cleaners seemed to be the most inspiring, and soooo, yes, Beasts were created:

Some of them flew!

Then suddenly, some of the expatriates from the Emerald Isle showed up en masse! My goodness, what fun those Beasts and Beings are!

The Craft table was filled with all manner of magical stuffs, as Burlie did discover.

Paradoxy went WILD with all the potential for personal decoration! Particularly intrigued with the BRIGHT! and the DAZZLING! she created some new pieces for herself in a kind of bawdy 1920's style.

Whimsy discovered a feathered headband that Doxy had put aside. All's fair in Love and a Craft party!

Yolanta made a new friend. They were remarkably alike for being different types of Beings.

It was wonderful to see all of the creations gathering around, newbies being born and having fun. And for me, I was beyond happy, surrounded by wonderfully kind, intelligent, funny and caring friends. Thank you to all for making this day one for the record books - a true blessing.

The Birthday loot.

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  1. It was SUCH a fun day! The Beasts and Beings had a merry time--and they are always happy to be in the Presence of their Goddess!

    Mayhap we spy an Elven King midst the loot? We all await his royal progress with great excitement!