January 23, 2011

Advisor Beast / SOLD!

This Beast developed from the design of the First Beast (see January posts). Yes, it came from a doodle, and is made of other paperclay pieces that were just sitting around. However, all of these things do not diminish this beast's character one iota.

As an Advisor, this one will sit at your desk while you maneuver through your daily grind, and offer input of various kinds. Above, you can see the active listener.

Here, we see a response of, "You gotta be kidding me?! That's crazy!",

and this is, "Let me ponder your issue for a moment...",

while this expression says, "Bad idea... just a baaaad idea.".

But all in all, this Beast is a kind and gentle one who really cares.

January 12, 2011

The First Beast

What do you do with the last remaining pieces of molded paperclay that are really too small to make a doll out of? You put them together to make a Beast. This one, I've named Friend. It is a boy or girl? That's up to you, but I do know that this one is a really great listener, and cares very much whatever you have to say.

Actually, this piece started out as a doodle on paper. Every once in a while I find a doodle is quite a remarkable drawing or sketch of something that may become wonderful. Here is the drawing that started it all.
The other thing that I really like about this piece is that it resembles a Pangolin. The first time I ever saw a Pangolin was while I was watching a DVD called The Life of Mammals with David Attenborough (whom I admire greatly), and I couldn't believe my eyes! The Pangolin they filmed walked on it's hind legs all hunched over with it's upper arms folded to it's chest! Amazing! If you get a chance, watch it. You won't be let down.

I'm expecting other Beasts to follow this one. Like this one, and other strange creatures...!

The Country Mouse

Here is a new doll that I created. She lives in the country, and walks through her garden and the surrounding fields in her sandals. She lives in summertime. As she walks through the grass she meets her neighbors. First she meets Mouse who is having a snack outside his house. Then as she passes through the field of Queen Anne's Lace, she discovers Toad, and has a conversation with him. Perhaps he tells her about the adventure he shared with me in October. In the October 9th post, you can read about it yourself. There's a funny video too.

January 8, 2011

"Use Paste..."

The creative process is an exhilarating, sometimes frustrating and mysterious experience. Where do these ideas come from? Children often make things, we have the idea, and somehow try to figure out how to bring it into physical reality even though we rarely have the correct tools, or ability. Yet, we endeavour. Where does this, need come from? Sometimes it seems as though our imagination comes from outside ourselves.

As I was reading through the book The Doll by Carl Fox, I was struck by many interesting things. In this volume of images of dolls from around the world, the text comprises of Mr. Fox expounding his thoughts about the allure of dolls, how dolls developed, and his personal experience playing with them.

He tells the story of Miss Izannah Walker who lived in Rhode Island and made rag dolls with fabric faces. Apparently, when caught in the quest to perfect her creation she too found the answer from the great mystery, "In a letter to the Providence Bulletin, a niece of Miss Walker wrote: "Family tradition tells of her struggle to perfect her work and the long wrestling with one problem, how to obtain a resistant surface to the stockinette heads, arms, and legs, without cracking or peeling. With this problem on her mind, Aunt Izannah suddenly sat up in bed one night to hear a voice say 'use paste". It worked...""

Ah, that great voice... it so very often provides practical information, often when you least expect it, and rarely when you feel that you most need it. Who is that? Where does that voice come from? Hmmm....

Fox, Carl. The Doll the New Shorter Edition. New York, NY: Harry N. Abrams, Inc. , 1973. 23. Print.

The Doll - Here is a link to Amazon.com for a peek.