December 9, 2011

New Beasts!

Yes, it's true.

This Beast appeared with a particularly mischievous expression! What to do with that? I decided that that was this Beast's strength. Sometimes, one can become too careful, too insular, too mundane. Mischief is a reminder to do the unexpected, take a risk and enjoy some mischief!

I have a serious infatuation with Russian Folk Art, and the colors of this Beast were inspired by Dymkovo Toys.


Look at that expression! If that doesn't make you giggle, I dunno...! This is Puddle, and this being is not a frog, nor is a is a Beast. More than willing to hang out in the rain, muck or even hot sun, this Beast offers silliness and support through the most unpleasant of circumstances.

The paintng on this Beast is soft and painterly.


Is this Beast singing or about to kiss? Hmmm... what do you think? Sing! lives in a world of depth and sincerity which is required of one who feels deep joy and wonder, and is able to transform that into song.

The colors I used for Sing! were inspired by the Winter Palace. The architecture and colors of St. Petersburgh turn me inside out.

For more information about these Beasts, please check out my Etsy shop.

November 26, 2011

The Lonely Doll

Having photographed my own dolls, and having seen other people's photographs of my artwork, I am no longer surprised at the depth of emotion that Dare Wright was able to capture with two teddy bears and a doll. It's fun too!

I would recommend reading the book, The Lonely Doll, and yet, adults have a different experience reading it than children do. I know this because there was a huge gap between my childhood enjoyment of this wonderful book and my rediscovering of it as a grown up. As an adult, I was much more judgemental and critical than I was as a child. This story, and the wonderfully mysterious black and white photographs, have stayed with me over the years, and I'm so grateful that they do.

Dare Wright was an intriguing and deeply creative person. I read the unauthorized biography, The Secret Life of the Lonely Doll: the Search for Dare Wright by Jean Nathan, and although I am grateful to have learned about Dare and her family's history, I believe that the author sensationalized aspects of Dare's life in an unreasonable fashion. I believe that the author inferred much from one sided and partial resources. If you decide to learn more about Dare, read this biography with a grain of salt.

That said, I was impressed that Dare's mother was able to support herself and her daughter through the Great Depression by painting portraits of wealthy industrialists. I admire Dare's yearning to change her world to the one she desired through decorating her living spaces, designing and sewing her own clothes, and through her photography. It seemed to me that she lived the life she wanted to lead.

Dare's lasting influence is seen in the fact that her books are still in print, in many languages. For those of us who read her books as children, the stories and images are still with us in a strange and magnetic way.

Thank you Dare, for being yourself and sharing your talent with us.

November 22, 2011

The Beastly Day

What happens to artwork when it leaves the studio?

I try not think about it too much. I feel that I send these pieces out into the world to have their own Adventures. And what do you know? Strange things do happen...

I have been enjoying the photography and writing of Kojito, who has invited several Beasts and Dolls into his life and has created a blog about them. Apparently, they have a tremendous amount of fun together and capture some of their good times to be posted on the blog that is called: The Beastly Day.

Watching someone interpret and create their own world with my artwork is such a joy! I hope you enjoy them too!

The Beastly Day                                                                                  


November 18, 2011

New Studio!

Oh, the rambling life I lead these days! A new studio and new pieces. This beautiful room is filled with light and is much larger than my previous studio space. No worries about a big ole air condtioner to infringe on the studio. In fact, I'm hoping to expand into larger and more detailed work while I'm here!

August 22, 2011

More dolls sold!

My doll shop is almost Empty!

Whimsy, the Steward and the Country Mouse have all left the studio and are off on new adventures!

August 9, 2011

Whimsy Sighted in Conservatory!


"Although the conservatory at Longwood Gardens has been inhabited by an amazing array of plant beings, and although there have been cases of visitors catching a glimpse of “something” bright and sparkly out of the corner of their eye or swearing to have heard quiet, chattering voices, only to quickly look and see nothing, …no one should be alarmed!"

"This image of, of… a Beast trampling through the Old Man Cactus is a hoax! No such thing has ever occurred and never will!"

"The conservatory has an extensive and expensive security system to keep out such potential trespassers such as brownies, hobs and the like."

"Whoever took this picture and captured this “being” among the cacti should be embarrassed at having put it up in the internet."

August 4, 2011

Whimsy's Journey to See the Birth

My dear friend, The Advisor, told me of a miraculous occurrence that was about to happen over the sea.

This event was to be of particular interest to me, or so it said. As the Advisor understands me so very well, (as it IS particularly observant and wise) I decided to take its advice and journey across the sea myself.

So, I began my trek through the vastness of the Emerald Isle. Well, perhaps the island isn't SO vast as  much as I do so very much like to stop and look about as I go.  

I knew that a ship would be waiting for me at the shore, for The Advisor had said that Randy Parmer was to show me the way to the miraculous occurrence! Randy and The Advisor are tremendous chums, and it is Randy who built and sails the ship from the Isle to his homeland, transporting Beasts, People and various other Beings between the two! What would we do without him?!

As promised...Randy was waiting for me, and such a glorious trip over the sea! Oh, how I had forgotten the joy of the swell of the tide, the music of the crashing waves and the scent of life in the waters! Ah! But more joy was to come, as Randy explained his new project.

It was summer in his land, and he had planted a Glorious Garden (right then, I was convinced that this was what the Advisor wanted me to know, but there was MORE!), and he had birthed hundreds, nay thousands (or millions...I'm not sure) of Praying Mantises!

Oooooh! Look how cute it is! Oh, one of many, how precious you are! Welcome to the world, my dear, and I will be watching, breathlessly, all that you do and discover!

Thank you Randy and Advisor!

August 1, 2011

The Country Mouse is back!

The Country Mouse has returned from the Fence Salon show, where she was on display in early July at The Arts Center of the Capital Region.

She was displayed on an elaborately decorated sconce, and I'm sure that she felt very important. She was located right at eye level, so she was able to meet many people. A questionable activity for a demure Country Mouse, I'm sure.

She was surrounded by many, many other peices of art which varied from paintings to sculptures, some only to look at while others required interaction. Young people also showed their work! Very exciting.

My goodness, there is so much talent in the Capital Region!

July 10, 2011

New Dolls!

This doll is special in that it has a secret door in the back! Now, if you look to the left hand column on the blog you will see one of the White Cat Series. As you can see that doll opens, and most of my artwork has something like this attribute. When I started my doll shop I decided to make simpler dolls for a while. I have returned to the doors.

This piece was inspired by a train trip I took from Seattle to NYS. It took three days. I would sleep, and wake to find myself barreling through a new landscape. I think I might have been in North Dakota when I saw these amazing hills. There were many of them, rolling but they were steep! Very different from what I'm used to. They made an impact.

This is a dwarf.

Note his braided hair.

He is very proud, and smirks at you with his glittering green eyes. With a super red cap and red boots, he is decked out in his finely embroidered jacket. Is he ready for a special occasion? Perhaps to visit you...? 

June 21, 2011

Eat Yer Oats!

Burlie, the Trestle Troll, has made himself home in his new abode. As you can see, he is very expressive in offering his opinions about eating healthfully.

June 17, 2011

Gallery Show

As a member of The Arts Center of the Capital Region I am able to enter a couple pieces into their Salon show. It's called the Fence Salon.

I entered a large oil painting, and then wondered which doll I might enter. Who would it be? I didn't know, so I created a poll on my Facebook page with three different dolls. And....

The Country Mouse won!

She will be in the show.

But how will she be shown in the gallery? She is so small that she would get lost in a huge gallery space. Hmmm. Ah, an idea! I went off to a corporate, box store called Hobby Lobby to see if they had a wall hanging, a sconce that the gallery could hang, and she could sit upon. That way she will be easily seen.

Well, I knew before I walked in the door, that it would be a disturbing experience. For those of you who don't know, this store does offer materials to use for hobbies, but they also sell a whole lot of machine made stuff for home decor. Stuff, stuff, stuff....all made by machines. What you see in one store, you'd find in every Hobby Lobby across the USA. And the store was full of people buying this me....ugh.

If I had a workshop, I would have made my own sconce. Alas....someday. I dropped The Country Mouse off along with the painting, and the opening is June 24th. I'll let you know how it goes.


Another Beast has left the nest! Burlie, the Trestle Troll, has gone off on an adventure of his own.

June 10, 2011

Two Dolls Sold!

Summer is here and the dolls and Beasts want to get out of the Studio! They are getting their way by securing positions at other people's homes.

Funky Girl is a really cool doll. When I made her I knew I wanted to use super bright colors, I didn't realize that her expression was going to be so sassy! She's posing in front of The Collected Works of Shakespeare. Smart cookie, she is.

Friend is no stranger to the studio blog, and now Friend is off on an adventure! Fare thee well, Friend! I know you'll be very happy in your new home.

May 31, 2011

Oh... NO!

Disaster has struck the studio!

Summer heat has come to town, and a big air conditioner has settled in - right in the middle of my studio space!

As you see, the dolls are beside themselves with consternation.

Burlie is cursing up a storm, in the hopes of embarrassing the conditioner away. I think it looks pretty solid and uninterested in what the dolls have to say.

Hopefully, this will not hinder my creativity, but, I did think of doing some painting (rather than sculpture) because of this issue.

We will see.

May 13, 2011

Whimsy Beast

Whimsy is a gentle and winsome Beast.

She was created about the same time as the Trestle Troll Beast. Here she is biding her time on the studio windowsill. With this Beast, I wanted to create more of a gesture. I imagined a creature in the process of leaning forward, with her nose...reaching out to engage with life....

...and how strongly that gesture affects Whimsy!

She is constantly distracted by the loveliness of nature! She is a flower sniffer of the highest order. Overcome by the dazzling sights, sounds and smells a garden or forest, Whimsy can be found wandering about with her nose in the air, sniffing and sighing.

I recently went to a May Day fundrasier for theCenter for Symbolic Studies in Tillson, NY and I brought Whimsy along, as I thought she would enjoy the Spring flowers and woods. As we walked amongst the trees, we came to a funny little house. Whimsy Loved it! She would fit in very well there, don't you think?

She and the Advisor are great friends. Their gentleness and appreciation for beauty connect them. Sometimes, she even gives advice on the Advisor's Facebook Fan page....The Advisor

She is a great companion to gardeners, too and those who wish they had a bit of earth to plant. As you can imagine, she is a great singer, too.

May 8, 2011

Burlie Beast

Yes, this is a Troll. He loves bridges and complaining.

His days began like all the other Beasts. Here he is awaiting some of my attention on my windowsill with the company of Friend Beast.

It just so happened that he was completed just about the time for a May Day fundraiser for the Center for Symbolic Studies. In order to enter the Center, you must go under an old Railroad Trestle. Hmmm! Trolls are famous for being particularly interested in bridges. So I brought him, and other Beasts, to the festival, and introduced him to the Trestle.

He was instantly interested, and wanted to get closer....

Doesn't he look so comfortable and happy there, as if he belongs beneath a bridge?

On top of the Trestle...he is the lord of all he surveys...just the way he likes it.

Well, after that lovely vacation, it was time to get back to work. This troll will hide under your computer monitor, and when your micro-managing boss, or vapid co-worker, or faulty computer gives you problems, just look his way. He'll give you a wink and a smirk, as if to say, "Oh yeah, I know...I know ALL about it!"

What a comfort he is...

May 5, 2011

Two dolls sold!

One of the greatest parts of having a shop on Etsy, is opening my personal email and seeing the tell tale message from them saying one of my dolls had sold!

 And now that I think about it....these two dolls are both SINGING!

This is the Lady of the Lake, and I had posted about her earlier in the year. Click here to jump to that post.
She has weather elements coming out of her mouth and they swirl around her head...good for gardening.


This is the troubadour, and he has musical notes that come out of his mouth and swirl about his head. I am very happy to say that he is traveling all the way to Portugal to live in his new home. A world traveler!

MORE TO COME!!!! very soon....